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Last weekend, I dressed as a Zombie, for the Brighton Zombie Walk, which was a lot of fun!

I really enjoyed doing my make up for it, and hope you like it, too!

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Hope you liked this, I had a LOT of fun doing it, and the Zombie Walk and the rest of the day/night's activities. The make up stayed perfect for over 32 hours, so I was really happy with that, too!

Anamelia x

Green Magic

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I seem to have rather enjoyed my Green!

Hope you liked it!

Anamelia x


I have literally just had the best night of my LIFE.

So, for absolutely ages (well, 3/4 years maybe) I have wanted to see the band Turisas. For those who don’t know, they are a metal band from Finland who sing Viking themed metal, with their last 2 albums (The Varangian Way and Stand Up and Fight) being based around the tale of the Varangian Guards, though still keeping it relevant to a modern audience. They’re a fantastic band with a really unique sound and look, and a lot of fun in the mix!
Well, I finally got my chance! Before I’d even moved to Brighton, I’d bought my ticket and was ready to go!
Unfortunately, I had no one to go with, but over the past month I had convinced several people to come, 7 of whom actually turned up last night!
I went (on the bus, we got a lot of odd looks, and some interesting comments) with Dev, Penny, Trev, Felix, Will, and Brandon and we all dressed for the occasion! OK, four of us did, Will still didn’t even know who we were going to see, and Brandon didn’t know the band well. But we all had on warpaint, and some of us went with the band’s Viking theme, with fur, leather and a lot of black and red. Funnily enough, I think I saw more shirtless men last night that I’ve ever seen in my… life. Felix being one of them, completely covered in red and black stripes! He was outdone by Chris though, who was dressed in fake fur and leather, covered in warpaint and just looked like a Viking raider on a pub crawl.

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So, that was my ridiculously fun evening!
I don’t think I’ll be coming down from that high for quite some time!

Also, you will eventually get the photos of my Zombie and Green make up soon, possibly tomorrow. Promise!

Anamelia x

Brightonian Fun!

So, yesterday (as it is almost 1 AM, I got sucked into watching ‘Psych’ by my flatmate, hence late time going to bed, and this post!) I went shopping in Brighton!
I know, I should have been doing work, and I have been lamenting that fact too, but I needed things for the Turisas concert I’m going to on Thursday, and today’s Zombie Walk!
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Anamelia x

Up Up Up

[Enter Post Title Here]
I know, I know, it’s been a horrifically long time since I posted properly. A year since my last real post, actually.
So much has gone on that it would be fairly difficult to catch up on everything, since I no longer remember half of it if I’m honest.

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I think that’s pretty much it, though, aside from the concert I went to last month, but I’ll do a separate post on that!

Anamelia xx

Hello Again!

Just wrote this long 'Hi, sorry for neglecting LJ, I'm back post' and it got deleted >.< So unamused right now.
To start again:

Hello! It's been a while, so long that I still need to say Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, and 'Hi, I'm now 19'.
I know, that's quite some time.
I've missed coming on here, but felt guilty for not having posted. Cordelia convinced me to post again :)

Recap of my life since I was last on here:
Christmas was awful (the day itself, not the holidays in general), new year was better, birthday was amazing.
Still workking at Calire's, however, did work experience at BBC Jersey, and it was the best week of my life.
I'm ill, still. Trying to figure out what's up - more on this later!
Been carrying on art, I'm still enjoying it.
Read a lot of books, however, not useful ones. Might want to change that.
Watched a lot of films, too.
Became OBSESSED with Supernatural. I just... liked it before.
Bought books, and started visiting the library loads again
Bought lost of jewellery
Started driving
Went out with friends sometimes

That's about it? I have a pretty boring life.

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Oh, and to end, I have won a custom made ring in a competition :) Which is quite exciting :D

Amelia xx



Solberg Photo

Since I need to sort out my camera (read as: looking for charger and all that jazz)  thought I'd give you the next best thing to my painting so far, and instead give you the photo.
It's rather swesome, I think, and the lighting on it made it a perfect choice!
I love it, and I hope you do, too :)


I also think he's really pretty ^^

Amelia X


Life, eh?

I feel like I've kind of been neglecting it here a tad, but it can't be helped.
I've been busy busy busy, unfortunately.
With work, not even something exciting, sadly.
I'm not liking work at the moment, I hate the heavy lifting and the rude customers, the wiping down and cleaning all the surfaces, the dusting, the sweeping, the hoovering and the toilet-cleaning.
I like the people I work with, but not a lot else.
Oh, and seriously, what's with the restocking every day, super-sorting and deliveries? It's a madhouse.
We got our ear piercing license, however, and I'm fully trained :) You know you want to let me loose upon your ears, right? I can do lobe and cartilage. I'm yet to do it to an actual person though, but I will be, perhaps, on Sat.
I'm so tired at the moment, because I can't sleep, which sucks, bigtime.
I'm hoping I will be able to sleep well soon, because I just feel SO drained, especially after and during work. I'm beginning to feel like a zombie, my concentration is becoming so lax.
I feel like I need to see my friends more, too. I miss them.
Pre and Laura visited me the other day, but I couldn't talk much, because the assistant manager was watching me, which sucks.
It's starting to make me depressed, too, especially since I'm missing everyone so much, my job is crappy, I've been ill (though I'm off antibiotics and feeling better), I'm suffering from tummy pains again, and the lack of sleep on top of it all is just making things worse.
Oh well, I'm off tomorrow, and Sunday.
I want to do something, but don't know what.
Well, I'm redyeing my hair, but that won't take forever :P
Time is going so funny, I've had short hair for almost a month, and it doesn't feel like it, yet some days go so slow I can't seem to understand how time works anymore. It's strange.
On a nicer note, I went to art clads yesterday. I started a portrait of Ragnar Solberg, a super talented Icelandic musician (solo artist and singer for Sign) which, while I've only started on the tone, outline, shading and things (drawing with paint it much cooler than I ever thought it could be!) it's looking good :)
Pics when I can find my camera :)

Amelia <3 X


Bowie-esque Make Up :)

So, today, as I was bored, still ill, and feeling creative, I decided to experiment with some crazy red and silver glittery make up, and ended up having a lot of fun!
I never realized how much glitter-based make up I have!

I ended up using Flame Red eyeshadow, Metallic Silver eyeshadow, Black liquid eyeliner, Pinky Red Glitter liquid eyeliner, Silver glitter liquid eyeliner, a pot of silver glitter, Duo Latex Eyelash Glue, and some diamante crystal thingies, as well as the usual black khol liner and mascara. I know it sounds like too much glitter, but it really wasn't XD

The make up was based around David Bowie's 'Ziggy Stardust' with a glam rock twist, and of course, my own personal spin on things!
I was super happy with how it turned out in the end!

I took some photos, but my camera died, so... webcam it was ;)
I thought it might be fun to post them here!
Hope you like :)

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Oh, and shamelss plug here.
If you haven't listened to the band Francesqa, I seriously reccomend you do!
I invested in their EP 'We Lived' today on iTunes, and wished I'd bought it sooner! Beautiful tracks and brilliant new band, check out the songs 'Years', 'Ghosts' and 'We Lived'

Amelia X


I'm back!

So, anyone care to explain to me just WHY I keep getting ill?
No. Fine then.

I mean, really! My asthma was kicked off by that mild sort of flu that lasts not very long, but I am still suffering from the consequences.
Every time that happens to me (more often than you'd think) my asthma gets really bad. Which quite honestly sucks.
I haven't been on the interwebs in a while because I've been coughing so much from my asthma that I've been thowing up. Sorry, I know it's totally not that pleasant.
At the moment, I'm currently on antibiotics (It was that, or steriods, and last time I was put on steriods I wanted to kill myself, we're not having a repeat of that thank you very much) which is making me cough much less, and so I feel better, and I can leave my room now, which is cool.
I've been a bit artistic while ill though. I've done a bit of drawing, and some painting, which I realized I miss a lot.

I also read 'His Dark Materials' and I have a few comments. One, Pullman LOVES Character Death. Two, could he have made the series any more depressing? I cried way too much to be normal, especially near the end of 'The Subtle Knife'. Three, could we at least have had a happy ending to make up for the rest? Four, was the major church criticism REALLY needed all that much?
PLUS I want to just shout out my anger at everything. I just got so angry about all the death, unhappiness and general destruction of people's lives. I also didn't understand why Mary, Lyra and Will couldn't have just stayed with the Mulefa. THEY WERE HAPPY THERE. Yeah, ok, Will's mum, but he could have brought her there too?
I ended up ranting to my mother throughout the series, who understood none of what I was on about, and ended up thinking daemons were evil, (I tried to explain how they were just part of you, like your soul, and she got even more confused, and throught they were projections of the evil in people. WHAT?) and having a rant about how mistaken the church is (In our world, bearing in mind I wasn't talking about our world), how wonderful God is (I was talking about Metatron and the Angels, woman!), and then she ended up going on about Lucifer (He wasn't even in the effing books!).
Please, never discuss those books with people as religious as my mother, they always get the wrong end of the stick.

I watched a lot of films (for me, anyway!) too.
Read On for Film List/ThoughtsCollapse )Read On for Film List/ThoughtsCollapse )

That's about my week!
I have art class tonight, and had maths a bit earlier, have a lovely day :)